Trademark Indonesia: The Power of Trademarks

Trademark Indonesia: The Power of Trademarks

First off what is a TRADEMARK. A Trademark is could be any word, name, symbol, or pattern, or any combination thereof, used in commerce to identify and distinguish the goods of one manufacturer or seller from A trademark is used to distinguish one’s goods from those of others, as well as to identify the source of the goods.

Trademark Indonesia: The Power of Trademarks By keeping the product in Patent pending limbo, we hide its features from public awareness. This often leads to a first market advantage and the competition only realizes that there is a pending Patent. The additional time the product gains, to build and expand sales appeal, and initiate the branding process is exponentially worth more than the legal costs required to continue adding basic additions to the Design archive. You want to be first in the market, and have as much time as possible for Trademark Indonesia to stand alone in the market.

Utility Patents are invaluable, both as protection against competition and as a business asset. Inventions that receive a Utility Patent number from the USPTO have the potential to be of interest to licensees, partners, investors, and venture capitalists. However, most of the patented products (Utilities) never make it to the market. We often see inventions that are new, and thus patents are possible, but not commercial, or necessary, or useful. We all know a mad scientist or two, with endless designs, inventions and patents, none of which will be successful in the market.

Utility Patents protect new features and benefits which the app describes in great detail. A patent attorney will tell you about the unique aspects of your invention. They will also mention other patents near your space but painstakingly note the differences inherent in your invention. In addition, a great deal of effort will go into creating the art of 3-D Computer Assisted Design that depicts your product from every possible angle and graphically depicts your product’s uniqueness.

Utility Patent filings rarely sail through the USPTO without being challenged. A competent patent attorney often anticipates weaknesses in filings and has an answer sheet ready to address examiner concerns and questions. This redirects the file back to the bureaucracy at the USPTO. I tell my clients that they can wait up to 18 months before receiving notification of the USPTO decision. However, on some complicated submissions, I’ve seen the process take up to six years.

Trust me, the work, the wait and the investment are worth it if the successful outcome of the USPTO is achieved. Utility Patents convey gravity. This invention has withstood the most stringent examinations and has been given the most desirable verdict: it must be imported.

Geoff Ficke has been a serial entrepreneur for nearly 50 years being a very long time in the deal. As a small child, earning money from doing odd jobs in the neighborhood, he learned the value of selling himself quickly, offering services and value for money to grow even more.

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