Top 14 Drinking Game Apps For Android And iOS

Top 14 Drinking Game Apps For Android And iOS


We will see in this blog 14 Best Drinking Game Apps. So drinking with best friends is a fun, exciting experience. This way you can throw jokes or pranks and enjoy the moment. As well as when drinking time becomes boring. Top 14 Drinking Game Apps For Android And iOS In 2022.

In addition drinking games have completed the nights of millions of men around the world. By which you want to download the best games, we have put many apps for you. Then mobile apps are present for Android and iOS platforms. Thus there are popular drinking games like Truth and Courage. Which I never have and you can try many other apps that are fun and fresh. Take a closer look at the game list below as well.


Top 14 Drinking Game Apps For Android And iOS In 2021 List Below

1] Picolo

Looking at these games, Picolo is one of the most downloaded drinking games in the world for Android and iOS. So this is a super simple game app. Which will spice up your night out or game time. Thus coming up with simple gameplay, Picolo can be a perfect addition. In which you are at home and in the bar.

Also get started and add the name of each player and this app will organize the most fun games for you. You can then leave the complicated rule. Which you can add your own instead. You will then be asked to answer questions, follow crazy instructions and do things you never thought possible before. This Piccolo Games is a drinking game app designed for everyone. So just prepare your drinks and some snacks. Which you will be ready to enjoy a good time. As well as this app is completely free to download.

2] Drink Roulette

Looking at these games, how about playing roulette while drinking? This is a great app. So it will allow you to play roulette without going to the casino. Thus you can find five different styles ranging from light to hardcore and team battle. Through which you can also find dirty games to make drinking time more enjoyable.

Then featuring a sweet and sleek design, there are a lot of things and you can do with this app. So for example, spin the wheel to find out who is drinking. Through which you can also choose the drinking mode that suits your mood. So best of all, these packs can be played for free without ads. Then with 1M + downloads on Google Play Store and Drink Roulette is one of the best free drinking game apps for adults. Plus it doesn’t just offer you fun games. Thus the application will not use resources on your phone as well thanks to the small download size.

3] iPuke

The iPuke Games is a fantastic mobile drinking game for your night out. So with your best friends and some wine this app promises an epic, unforgettable night. As well as whether you’re in a bar or in a man’s cave, you should be prepared for all the laughter. Also iPuke is basically a combination of truth or courage and card game. You will then need to draw a card with two challenges. Such as courage and drink shots.

Thus choose between the challenges to grow the throat and get some points. As well as in this app you can find hundreds of challenges. Like doing samba, filling your mouth with ice, falling to the ground and much more. So as you progress and the challenge becomes crazy. This is the best part of the game and everyone can enjoy it.

4] Do or Drink

If you want in these games, Easter Egg has been brought to you. So this is a cool drinking game to enjoy the party to the fullest. Thus it comes with simple gameplay. Which allows you to enjoy the bar, at home or anywhere. Also a great choice for a bachelor party or birthday party.

Also Do and Drink is basically a card based party game. Then there is no limit to how many players should be involved in the game. Through which you will play with another friend and in a large group, you are covered in this application. Also how to use the app is quite simple. Choose a card that suits your mood and the number of your group and enjoy. So classic cards are excellent for most games. Thus truth and drink cards reveal your deepest secrets. Then you want to meet new people and have the option to choose a bar card.

5] Game of Shots

The game Shots Up has everything you need to live the party and drinking time. So this game app is free to download. Thus it offers more than you can ask. As well as some popular games like the Kings Cup, roulette, most likely, and I’ve never been wrapped up in an app. In addition you can turn your smartphone into a casino machine. Which you can always invite a few friends.

Through which you can buy a little alcohol and play the game all night. So the best part is that it comes with Drunkpedia. Which allows you to learn the rules of many drinking sports around the world. In addition, Game of Shots is designed with a user-friendly interface. Which makes it completely easy to use. Since then millions of people have trusted this app to enjoy and now it’s your turn.

6] Never Have I Ever

This Never Have I Ever Up can be one of the most played games at every party and night out. So now this super popular party game has been brought to your smartphone. So you can enjoy a better experience. Thus the application contains more than 1,200 questions with 7 categories and a custom card.

So how many friends do you invite? The best drinking game app which can be played with unlimited players and unlimited amounts of alcohol. Through which to get started, adult players can choose a night that is dirty or crazy. Be prepared to answer hundreds of questions as well. Plus this is an incredibly fun app for unforgettable nights. Which you can create your own questions. It can then reveal the secrets deep secrets of your friends. Thus you are brave enough for this game and download it to your Android or iPhone. Find the darkest side of your friends as well.

7] Evil Minds

These Games Evil Mind is another fun game app to invite fun into your party. So this is basically a word game. For which you need to guess the secret word based on the links. Thus your friends are booming and acting. Guess the word as well and see how it can make everyone laugh.

Also in Evil Mind you can find two game modes. These include Clue Giver and Word Geyser modes. So there are over 2,000 words to play. Then you will never lose interest in this app. Thus if you are creative, write your own word and never grow old. Thus how to use the word application is completely simple. If you guess the word, hold the phone in front of you so you can’t see the screen. Then guess the word from your friend’s gestures or gestures. As well as if you are the key giver, gesture and shout to give hints to your partner until they guess.

8] Most Likely

If you want in these games, play the game better with the most likely mobile app. So this party game consists of more than 800 questions divided into more than 8 different categories. So you can enjoy jokes when you are drunk. This way you can also find questions up to 900+ finger and invite laughter.

As well as pass the phone around and read the statement aloud and each person points to the other person. Which statement suits them best. The person then takes the drink that gets the most fingers. So this way you can know what the most unique friend has been like. Then you need something more extreme. So the person with the most fingers takes a drink for each finger.

9] 5 Second Rule

If you want in this app, want a fast and fun party game and 5 seconds can be the best bet. So this drinking game brings out your night with a little push. Thus in 5 seconds, you have to answer simple questions. Like the names of 3 girls you’ve ever dated, name things you can’t eat and much more. Top 14 Drinking Game Apps For Android And iOS In 2022.

So you can personalize the questions. Thus add the most bizarre, most unique questions. So that your friends can’t give all the answers. The failed person then takes a drink. By which the game is very simple and challenging enough. In addition to that when you are already drunk.

10] Truth or Dare

This Truth or Dare App is an entertaining drinking game app. Which brings a lot of laughter. So it transforms your smartphone into custom cards with hundreds of queries. Which lets you unravel the deepest secrets about your friends.

Also like other drinking games, Truth and Courage comes with simple gameplay. Through which just pass your phone and choose between truth or courage. So you fail to answer the question. As well as dare, you must drink. The loser is the first person and he gets drunk.

11] Drinkster

Featuring in this app, featuring 500+ drinking games for adults, Drinkster is the main secret of an unforgettable party. So you can find 9 packs of the game. Such as a starter to start a party. Thus if you want to get drunk then crazy and bar games that give you courage like a bar. Couples You want to play games for couples.

Also do classic drinking games like Drinkster. Such drinks include, for the most part, a 5 second rule and roulette. As well as you feel extreme. Then create your own challenge and spice up your night. After all, this app has all the essential elements of drinking sports in the pack.

12] 5 Second Guess

A guessing game like this 5 second rule app for which you need to answer questions in 5 seconds. So you like a little challenge. Thus the party game is fun and easy to play. As well as the rules are straightforward and name the 3 things needed in 5 seconds. By which you fail, you drink.

Also the best part of the app is that you can play with the whole family. Then this game is suitable for all ages. Then unlike most drinking game apps that only adults can play. In addition to naming 3 items, it lets you personalize questions and keep an eye on a player’s score.

13] Balagan

If you want in this app, you want to know your close friends. So ask them to play Balagan and be prepared for their deep secrets. Thus this is a fun drinking game app to keep your wine party alive. By showing dirty questions, you may regret the answers in the morning. This Balagan App is a variety of random, drink and action packs. So it also comes full of classic drinking games. Like I never did and truth or courage. Also if you want to spend the whole night and live in a party, Balagan has you covered.

14] Dirty Potato

If you want in this app, you like fast drinking game apps. So dirty potatoes should be on the list. Thus the adult game has been adopted from the classic hot potatoes. As well as you can find dirty questions and embarrassing challenge to make your night unforgettable. You will then need to answer dirty questions like the names of the 3 types of underwear, the names of the 3 worst things in your life and much more.

So the person fails to answer and he drinks. Then the last person who is drunk is the winner. Also play the game and feel ashamed later. Thus the best drinking game apps will spice up your night. Through which download your favorite game app. Then invite some friends over and buy some wine and you’re ready to party. Top 14 Drinking Game Apps For Android And iOS In 2022.

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