Top 14 Dog Training Apps for Android and iOS in 2022

Top 14 Dog Training Apps for Android and iOS in 2022


We will see in this blog 14 Best Dog Training Apps. So dog training is a fun experience. Thus every dog ​​owner agrees. Which is not always easy. Sometimes you have to struggle to treat a dog. As well it can be a lengthy process and getting the best dog training apps for your smartphone is a big help in achieving goals. Top 14 Dog Training Apps for Android and iOS in 2022.

Also if you are struggling to stop the dog from sitting and running, these useful training apps transform your Android or iPhone into a simple training tool. Since then we’ve collected 14 best mobile apps to try out. Be prepared to see better results. Thus cool training tools are packed with features to teach your dog various tricks. So most applications are equipped with a clicker for effective training. In addition, some apps offer customizable training to meet specific goals you set.


Top 14 Dog Training Apps for Android and iOS in 2022 List Below

1] Dog & Puppy Training App

The Dog App is a full-featured training app. Which has everything you need to teach your dog new tricks. So full of over 100 tricks and video instructions. Thus it includes basic obedience training like sitting or roll and advanced training like bringing the ball. As well as this tool is trusted by millions of dog parents. Then there are those who struggle with their active dogs. In addition to new tricks and video instructions, it includes video exams to get feedback on your pet’s performance. Dogs are therefore supported by a certified dog trainer. Which will review the exam and help train your puppy.

It then comes with a built-in clicker on top of it and a mark to mark your dog’s good behavior. Which with various sound options it effectively reduces the training time by about 40%. Thus if you want to give the best care for the dog, this app contains useful articles about nutrition, health and dog training.

2] Puppr

This Puppr Up helps make dog training easier at home. So with a user friendly view this tool is good for potty training, teaching new tricks and training new dogs. Which includes easy to follow video instructions. So that every dog ​​owner can teach their dog like a professional trainer.

In addition the best free dog training app has a variety of features. It also comes with a tracker to track the progress of the dog training. Thus using the app, you can collect badges as you progress and master new tricks. Then show your badge and share your achievement with friends or family. What makes this more interesting is the ability to support multiple dogs, so you don’t have to download many training apps.

3] Doggy Time

If you want in this app, this is a useful app to facilitate dog training started by Kidplay. So Doggy Time is able to track your puppy’s health and daily habits. Which allows you to set up and schedule training activities. It is also full of puppy diaries and potty logs. This allows any important information about your puppy to be tracked on this app by drinking, eating and urinating. The facilities then help your puppy to organize and have healthy daily habits. Which will look basic and simple and you will find it very useful.

That way you don’t want to miss out on dog care. As well as Doggy Time enables you to track a variety of care such as cleaning, grooming, medication and vaccinations. So best of all this app works offline.

4] Pupford

If you want in this app, featuring a popular dog trainer Zac George, Pupford offers a free online training course for your dog. So a 30-day video course helps overcome behavioral problems. Thanks for the ease of following the videos and instructions on each session. In addition the lesson includes basic training such as Leash and Walking King and Late.

Thus apart from videos and instructions, Pupford includes a tracker to keep track of your dog’s progress. During the next 30 days, you can mark every day. Then with training you can see how your dog improves. In addition, if you are facing a specific challenge, you can turn to behavioral training.

Which is one of the best features of Pupford. There is a huge community for asking such questions, sharing advice and talking to other dog parents. Only then is the member allowed to join the community on Facebook. So the training is to overcome the problems and allow you to get a Popford Academy membership.

5] GoodPup

This app transforms your Android and iPhone into Dog Training Tool with GoodPup. In addition the popular app highlights video call training with expert trainers across the country. Thus training your cub at home is brilliantly easy. In which you work with certified trainers. Which will guide you in each course.

In addition to weekly video calls, GoodPup has daily targets. In which your trainer will give short exercises for your cub. If you then have questions, ask your trainer via the built-in chat tool. This way you can see the results in the first month. A lot can be learned from this GoodPup App, including potty training and crate training. Through which the trainer also teaches 8 basic commands like sleeping, sitting and staying. Which your child will learn skills to prevent bad behavior such as begging and barking.

6] Pocket Puppy School

If you want in this app, if you want to make puppy training easier, then Pocket Puppy School is a good app to try. So this best dog training app provides you with easy guides to train puppies. Thus the information is easy for every dog ​​parent to understand. Thus in Pocket Puppy School, all the information about dog training is categorized into different subjects. Then the puppy parents can easily get to the main point. Includes examples, images and videos to make sure they can start their training sessions.

This application is then featured with the built-in search tool for your convenience. Which allows you to find lessons in matters in seconds. In addition there are many lessons to choose from. What to do if potty training and your dog’s progress is not as expected.

7] GoDog

This GoDog app is a puppy training app. Which is with ease of use features to treat your dog. So using this app, you will feel like you have a personal dog trainer. Which simplifies dog training. So launch GoDog from your smartphone and find a set of video lessons with step by step instructions.

As well as being full of walking King trackers to keep an eye on Dog’s daily activity. This feature then helps solve the problem. Thus on top of that, GoDog includes a health diary. Which enables you to set reminders for vaccinations, veterinarian visits and medications.

So the built-in clicker and CTO is a great feature to improve dog training progress. There are a variety of clicker sounds to choose from. It then lets you appreciate the dog’s achievement with just one click.

8] Pawsitive

This app is one of the best rated puppy training apps on the Google Play Store. So the bundle comes with a lot of features to let your puppy or dog behave. Such as built-in clicker, fun games to play with dogs and healthy food guides. As well as this application highlights positive training methods with step-by-step instructions and pictures for an easy training session. Through which it is your first dog training experience. Which makes everything more practical and easier to understand.

Then there are the updated articles about dog training. There are also common problems with dog parents. Also if you need a little help with puppy or dog training, it covers you.

9] EveryDoggy

Get this app and see how your dog can be a good boy. So this puppy and dog training app is created by Top Canine Trainers. Which provides effective methods for teaching you basic commands and new tricks. As well as built-in clicker and whistle embedded for the training session. In addition the whistle is an excellent tool for effective communication with your dog. So that they can understand you better. As a result they are able to perform better.

Through which the application helps to avoid and prevent behavior problems such as anxiety, bites and destructive chewing. In addition step by step video lessons are standard. Which lets you become a better trainer for dogs.

10] Dog Clicker

This Dog Clicker is a slightly different app. So it is necessary for dog training. Thus the clicker technique helps your dog to use positive reinforcement. As well as when they are able to do a new trick, they will be rewarded with a clicker sound. It also motivates your pet to do as ordered. Top 14 Dog Training Apps for Android and iOS in 2022.

So provide a fun and exciting way to treat a dog or puppy. In addition it can be combined with other dog training programs. Which can be used alone. Then if you need a simple app for dog training, this app is worth trying.

11] My Dog Training App

As you can see in this app, regardless of your dog’s personality and age as well as breed, My Dog Training app provides a great way to train your pet. So 30 days of puppy training offers innovative features to help you achieve tips, tricks and goals. Thus comes with a compelling scene and it gives extra help to teach basic obedience.

In addition there are various lessons to be found in the app. Such as learning the dog’s name, living and shaking hands. As well as easy to follow instructions. This animation makes the lesson more fun not only for you but also for the dog. It then has a built-in clicker and allows your pet to learn easier and faster.

12] Dog Whistle Handy to Train Dog

Looking at this app, some dog parents spend their money on expensive dog training courses. So you can save a lot by downloading this training app. Thus the whistle and clicker have long been known as a great tool for communicating with dogs. So you can listen.

In addition the Dog Whistle app comes with a sound level meter and tone generator which is easy to use. Then how to train your dog with the app is quite simple. As well as use a range of commands as clues and combine verbal commands so the dog can understand what you want.

13] iTrainer Dog Whistle & Clicker

This app may be one of the most popular dog training apps for the iPhone. So iTrainer is a Dog Whistle app to make dog training easier. Thus apart from bundling the dog’s whistle, it has a clicker and a squeaky sound. Which your dog will love. As well as not to mention it has over 50 animal sound effects to choose from.

In addition the whistle has a custom frequency to adjust as per choice. Which is also equipped with a recorder. It then enables you to record any sound that your dog likes. Thus once downloaded, you will get all the information about whistle training, clicker training, as well as positive-reinforcement training.

14] Dog Training Clicker

This Dog Clicker app is used by amateur and professional dog trainers to teach new tricks and basic commands. So it works well to train dog obedience from your smartphone. Thus using the app, training the puppy and the new pet becomes fun and enjoyable. As well as Dog Training Clicker doesn’t just work for dogs. You can also use it for cats and horses. Plus 3D clicker and you can find HD audio, sleek visuals and a variety of whistle and sound effects. Then your dog will also like his screaming sounds.

Then like its Dog Clicker counterparts, this app is easy to use. Select the range of commands as hints and combine them with verbal commands to make it work. Then there are the best dog training apps for teaching basic dog obedience. Which is connected to various features. As well you can choose an app that meets the needs of your dog. Top 14 Dog Training Apps for Android and iOS in 2022.

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