Top 14 Camping Apps for Android and iOS In 2022

Top 14 Camping Apps for Android and iOS In 2022


We will see in this blog 14 Best Camping Apps. So you are planning a camping trip with your family in the near future. Thus a lot of things have to be prepared from camping equipment to food supply. Which is one more thing and should be done before you leave. Download the best camping apps for your Android and iOS as well. Plus camping apps can save your day. Then they have everything you need. Then if you’re trying to find the perfect campsite and RV park, read reviews about the campgrounds or even make a reservation. So best of all, most of these apps are completely free. Top 14 Camping Apps for Android and iOS In 2022.

Finding the best camping apps after that is not easy. So with so many scams and you have to spend extra time scrolling through the pages. But don’t worry. Thus we have put together 14 top-rated and high quality apps. So you can get the best out of it and check it out.

Top 14 Camping Apps for Android and iOS In 2022 List Below

1] Park4Night

The Park 4 Night App is an incredible app for exploring campsites and preparing your trip. So on this app you can find over 140,000 places to get close to nature. Thus each place comes with beautiful photos. So your family can decide which is best. As well as be it parks, beaches, forests or creeks.

Then preparing for your trip can be awful. Then Park 4 Night helps make everything easier. Thus with the various locations available it allows you to arrange locations based on their locations. Also use the app’s built-in map to help you. Which allows the app to use your GPS to locate nearby places. Which if you do not want to travel long. In case you are worried about internet connection while you are away, this app has offline mode. Which makes it work without the internet.

2] The Dyrt

This Dyrt is a powerful campsite inventor for discerning campers. Finding the ideal campground for such tent, RV or cabin sites is just another matter. Thus Dyrt is a powerful campsite inventor for discerning campers. Then, for your convenience, filter your search by category like Tent, Cabin, RV, Rating, Distance or more. In addition you want to enjoy camping in national parks, state parks and private parks.

Through which the application gives you free access to all those campsites. On top of that you can share the story. You can then rate the campsites you have just visited. So share your experience and why you like or dislike that place. So for extra features like offline flight mode, discounts and camping maps, you may need to upgrade to Pro versions.


Discover your best camping experience in the App National Parks Federal Recreation Sites and Forests. So this mobile app offers a sensible solution for finding and reserving campsites in the US. Which save your favorite place and so you can come back to it. Which is what is important for you and your family for a convenient search. Then filter accordingly, such as price, distance, features and more. Check the campsite availability in real time and you can make a better decision. You can also view photos and maps at the campground to help you travel. Top 14 Camping Apps for Android and iOS In 2022.

Exploring the campgrounds has never been so easy. As well as being the best free camping app on your smartphone, it is incredibly easy to organize outdoor camping and manage reservations. So be sure to review the important details for your next trip.

4] KOA

This KOA app helps you plan the perfect camping trip for your family. So it offers plenty of new places to explore and convenience in reservations. As well as using this app, you will receive notifications from your favorite campsites. Then there are the features that KOA has brought to you. As well as easy bookings and reservations, it has easy search. Thus thanks to the huge selection of campgrounds in its registry. As a bonus, this application is integrated into the navigation system for easy navigation.

Thus browsing hundreds of places can be terrifying. Through which your search has your specific needs. Filter by such features, distances or values. And the best part is. You can then easily navigate. Which can find sites and find campground information in offline mode.

5] FreeRoam

If you want in this app, you are looking for the best RV camping apps. So FreeRoam caters to your choices. Thus the camping application is full of useful tools for campers and boondockers. As well as find the best campsites across the country so you can get closer to nature. Through which you can filter by safety, density or any other category important to you to get perfect. FreeRoams also work well for finding fresh water, groceries nearby, dump sites and bridges.

Then you can find the best way for your tall RV. In addition there are more features to enjoy on the FreeRoam. So for a better user experience, it supports offline mode. So it works properly even if you are away from the cell tower.


This ACSI app lets you search over 7900 campsites across Europe. So this app is designed for campers. Thus those who need to discover new places. As well as not to mention it also offers 9,000 motorhome pitches. Also featuring filters you can sort places by category like nearby area, price, features and more.

As well as this is a great app to download before arranging your trip. With a wide selection of locations to choose from and you can spend days at different campsites to suit your preferences. Then save your favorite campgrounds and come back later. In addition, ACSI allows you to make quick bookings to find places. So you don’t have to worry about the whole campsite. Through which it also offers free updates. This means that you will receive new information and reviews free of charge. So use this app with or without internet connection and enjoy your camping.

7] ReserveAmerica Camping

Looking at this app, finding a perfect campsite for a future camping trip is incredibly easy with ReserveAmerica. So this app allows you to Provides a wide selection of parks and forests. So finding an ideal campground with this in your smartphone is just another matter. Through which ReserveAmerica helps you make better decisions. It lets you view campsite details, photos, and user reviews. Also save your energy and find the best place that suits you. Which filters also come standard.

So it allows you to explore the campground by distance, accessibility, features and much more. Then the best camping app is equipped with maps for easy navigation. The map then gives you driving directions to prevent you from getting lost. So if you want to share the experience with other campers, take photos of the campground and how you feel about the place.

8] Caravanya

If you look in this app, you find campsites outside the US. So caravan is a great tool to find it. This way you can explore campsites and RV parks around the world with your smartphone. As well as featuring over 40 filters, it allows you to find the perfect spot for a camping trip. In addition the application has a straightforward and easy to use interface. You can then easily access a number of features like adding new features, accessing photos and satellite images, as well as managing your favorites list.

As well as detailed information on the campsites you will be able to find a site that suits your preferences. Through which you are a new camper and Caravanya offers you useful camp guides. Which you will find interesting topics about camping. This will allow you to enjoy your time in nature. Then get the app for free on your Android or iPhone. In which plan your next camping trip.

9] AirCamp

If you look into this app, AirCamp is another application for finding the best campsite and finding information for availability. So do a lot of things with this app. As well as browse photos, upload your captions and save your favorite campsites. So you can come back later. You can also review the spots after that. Who can share the experience with others.

In addition the aircamp illuminates with better accuracy. So it is constantly purified by the community. Which adds more data. So you can find more states, more photos and easier booking functionality. There is also a search filter to find a suitable place for camping with your family. Which promises a smoother and cleaner visual and better user experience. So be sure to download this app to your smartphone. As well as make the best of your camping. Top 14 Camping Apps for Android and iOS In 2022.

10] RV Checklist

This app is an essential key to preparing for a successful camping trip. So the RV checklist prepares you well. Which ensures that no important material is left behind. Thus add your own checklists. As well as use pre-populated to track your progress before heading to the campsite.

Whereby the RV Checklist delivers a perfectly smooth design with a plain, dark background. So when it comes to usability and it notifies you when the checklist is complete. You can then clear the completed checklist and create a new one. Don’t worry about losing your data. In addition the app has a checklist backup. Which enables you to backup and restore checklists. Then if you need help, share your camping checklist with others.

11] Hipcamp

Experience a unique outdoor stay, if you look into this hipcamp up. So this fantastic camping tool offers you a wide selection of campsites, RV parks and treehouses in Canada, the US and Australia. Thus on the app you get not only the best campground. Real-time availability will also be checked. See community photos and reviews as well.

So that you can make a better decision. Filter campsites and RV parks by location, price, amenities, pet-friendliness and more. By the way if you’re more into glamping, HipCamp promises a unique glamping experience. So you can also choose a different place for fun. Such as country farms, vineyards and secluded lakes.

12] Boondocking

If you want in this app, Boondockers must download this app to find those free camping sites immediately. So this app includes more than 1,500 Boondocking spots across the United States and the number is constantly growing. As well as thanks to users who submit new Boondocking locations. Thus you fear that the application will not work while you are at the campsite.

So it supports offline fly mode. Which allows you to access places without an internet connection. In addition the map shows the rest of the time and driving distance. So you can estimate when you will arrive. Boondocking is also a great app to check the local weather then. By using the facility you can avoid bad weather or storms during the camping trip.

13] Campendium

Designed specifically for campers, the Campendium is packed with features to enhance your camping experience. So it has thousands of campsites and RV parks. Which is for camping and embracing nature. It then also has a map overlay for public land and cell coverage. In addition the compendium comes with a powerful and easy to use search. You can then use keywords and locations to find the perfect camping spot. Which also has filters to sort preferences by any category. Then be sure to check out the camping details like price, reviews and cell signal to find a campsite that suits your needs.

14] RV Parky

Featuring a huge list of RV Park Apps, RV Parky is a great camping app for iPhone and Android. So it includes more than 25,000 RV parks, campsites and the rest of the area. Which you can find by filter. Thus many campers and boondockers have relied on this app for their travels and you can be the next.

In addition RV Park provides you with maps, reviews and photos. As you can check the campsite details like water, electric and internet connection and you can find the whole. So when you plan a camping trip and these are the best camping apps come in handy. Through which you can find campgrounds using these apps. You can then check their availability. And check details and get navigation. Top 14 Camping Apps for Android and iOS In 2022.

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