The Law of Attraction – There Are Times When Calling People to Action is Counter productive

The Law of Attraction – There Are Times When Calling People to Action is Counter productive

I see a lot of public speakers and teachers on the internet trying to convince people to “take action NOW.” And I know that these people mean well and only say what they think is necessary, but this advice is very bad advice if people don’t know about emotions, energy, and the law of attraction. In fact this advice is counterproductive in most cases.

Let me explain. If one understands the law of attraction, then you know that it is our emotions that attract us to the results we desire. Our emotions are the essence of our vibrations. So what we feel and think is what we develop in our life.

Now to clarify this a little more, let me speak from experience. Several years ago, I suffered from intense depression. Prior to this depression, I was a pretty happy soul, trusting an employment law attorney my inner guidance and flowing with life when things came. I don’t know about the law of attraction but I mostly attract positively. And this is because I am in a good feeling place. So whatever we feel, we receive emotional equality.

Well, after my husband’s death, a melancholy hit which appeared to take over my life. I can’t seem to control it. And as I mentioned I don’t know about the law of attraction. What I’ve noticed is that when I take action from this low-key place, it never produces the results I’m used to. I’m going to make a decision out of this depression and it’s always a bad decision. Because this depression lasted for several years, my self-confidence level began to decline like never before.

I have been used to receiving good results from decisions prior to my depression, but when my Corporate Lawyer takes action against my depression, it is always a bad decision. Well, I’ve gotten over this depression now, and got really curious as to why this is happening. Why can’t I see the best decisions when I’m depressed. And why isn’t it a good idea to take action when I’m in this emotional state.

Well I now totally understand why now. Positive emotions feel good because they mean we are on the right track with our own well-being. Negative emotions always tell us that we are not on the right track and it is important to feel better before taking any action. You see, when we feel good, we get inspired, ideas flow, we can talk. But when we feel bad, we cannot hear the voice of our source, that voice of infinite intelligence. We’re too far out of reach.

Through Jerry and Esther Hicks’ teachings on the law of attraction, I came to understand the importance of our emotions and our emotional guidance system. In other words I became aware. Prior to this time, I created my reality from an unconscious state. Now that I’m aware of what my emotions are telling me, I can quickly move myself into a positive emotional state, knowing that whatever inspiration comes up will lead me to the happy outcome I seek.

What I’ve noticed among business leaders and motivational speakers in particular is that they tend to talk a lot about the reason why people aren’t more successful or make more money is because they don’t take action or because they have the wrong mindset. Now the mindset part partially helps but taking action without teaching about our emotions and regulating our energies before taking action doesn’t help. In fact, people can end up feeling more hopeless if they don’t know that taking action from places of negative feelings such as doubt, frustration, hopelessness, hopelessness, or disappointment is counterproductive. It will never produce the desired result.

It is very important as a teacher to teach about energy and emotion because everything and every outcome is about energy and emotion. This is a key component and not talked about by many teachers. I encourage you to read more on my blog about energy and harmony if you are a teacher of any kind. And I also encourage you to read Jerry and Esther Hicks’s work on the law of attraction. It is knowledge that is a must for everyone who wants to be successful for themselves or for their students.
Joanie McMahon is a business woman who is passionate about health for everyone. He is passionate about helping others understand the Law of Attraction and improving their emotional well-being so that all the wonderful adventures a person desires can appear in their experiences.

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