Moms, these are 5 signs that your child is ready to be carried facing the front

Moms, these are 5 signs that your child is ready to be carried facing the front

One of the activities that parents often do to their babies is holding them. There are many benefits that can be felt from holding, one of which helps the development of the baby’s body and brain. But when shopping for baby equipment , you are confused when choosing the right type of carrier for your baby.

Because of the many types of slings, there are several types of slings that can be used to carry with their backs to you. You as a parent are also wondering, what are the signs that your child is ready to be carried forward? The following is a complete explanation of the child who is ready to be carried forward.

Can Lift the Neck
When entering the age of five months, children begin to enjoy exploring the surrounding environment. So that holding the child back to the carrier can help him to recognize the environment and learn new things. Generally, babies aged 5 to 6 months are able to lift their heads well, so they will not fall due to shocks when they are carried forward.

Can Sit Unassisted
In addition to being able to lift the neck, a baby who can sit up unaided is also a sign that he is ready to be carried with his back to the carrier. When holding the child forward, position the baby’s bottom on top of the mother’s hand. Make sure your hands are in a firm position, and use your other hand to support your child against your chest.

Baby Feel Comfortable
Even though the baby is able to lift his neck and can sit without assistance, pay attention to the comfort of the child when being carried forward. Because sometimes, babies still feel uncomfortable and tend to be fussy when carried with their backs to you. If that’s the case, change the position of carrying to a position that he likes.

Baby Height Enough
In addition, you also need to pay attention to the height of the children. When you carry using a baby carrier, make sure your little one’s chin is above the sling. So he can see his surroundings well. For that, when you are at a baby carrier , choose a carrier that is comfortable to use for the forward-facing position.

The Little One Doesn’t Feel Like Laying Down
Pay attention when the child is lying down, does he feel uncomfortable when he lies down for too long? If so, maybe he feels curious to explore the circumstances around him. This can be a sign that the child is ready to be carried with his back to the carrier.

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That’s a sign the child is ready to be carried facing the front. But it’s a good idea not to hold your little one in that position for too long, because the shocks that occur can make his head feel uncomfortable.

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