Mario Games

Mario Games

When I think about what to write about Mario games, I can’t help but think about how much they really define a new kind of culture driven by a group of people who are motivated to some degree by self-fulfillment, nostalgia, and a desire to experience something old. be new. They do this by using their talents to fulfill their dream of creating new games with the help of an old friend who is constantly and faithfully updated as time goes on and new game technology develops.

Today, many gamers are taking advantage of existing graphics, sprites and game engines to give their favorite games and game concepts a personal touch. Of course, you’ll find a variety of styles and qualities depending on the preferences and skills of your individual gamer/developer, and while this game format doesn’t guarantee that you’ll always find the best games, it does allow many people to make their dreams come true. be a developer.

These developers publish a Web site (and you probably do) that archives their Mario games and other developers’ games, making all Mario games available to the Internet community with the click of a mouse. The production of this Web site presents two opportunities: on the one hand, the developer gets a sense of satisfaction knowing that a large group of people will experience his work; On the other hand, that group of people would get that fuzzy feeling of nostalgia and experience the old into the new before their eyes.

Mario games under development for the Web are all 2-D games emulating the graphics from the original Donkey Kong to the New Super Mario Bros on the Nintendo DS, borrowing sprites from such games with similar gameplay, but you can also find much different games/modes different. Of course, you have the classic side-scrolling games, but you also have new puzzles and gameplay, timed and endless games, and Mario games where you have endless opportunities for the ultimate win.

People do what they want when they make this game. There are games with guns for Mario and Luigi, as well as holiday-themed games. Some add blood and make Mario or Luigi’s head fall off when they die, while others use Sonic the Hedgehog instead of Mario. There are also games that emulate other classics and replace the original sprites and templates with Mario ones, making them in many ways a Mario game.

For the most part, you will see all the original themes while playing this Mario game: The good guys Mario universe against the bad guys Mario universe with the same variations of the classic Mario universe in clouds, bushes, coins, pipes, blocks, hills, trees , and castles as props and backgrounds. Overall, this is a good thing. While not all of these games are going to be great or even great, it’s well worth it even if you have little interest in Mario games to play them when you get the chance. Experience a bit of the culture that has emerged from this nearly 30 year old icon and continues to evolve and shape the imaginations of millions and millions of gamers and game developers around the world. And while you’re at it, have fun!

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