Learn to Swim – Start Your Child’s Swimming Lessons

Learn to Swim – Start Your Child’s Swimming Lessons

Recently, my friend asked me about what important points she needs to pay attention to when she wants to take her kids swimming for the first time. Based on my experience, I advised him on the following things that might help him.


Parents should pay attention to the weather before going to the swimming pool. They can contact the nearest swimming pool to check pool availability. If the weather is too cold, it is not recommended for children to have fun in the pool. It can cause children to tremble and not enjoy the lesson. If the weather is too hot, parents have to decide whether to take their children for a swim. Most importantly, remember to apply sun block lotion for kids in any weather.

Flotation Ring

This is a NO in my swimming dictionary. I do not encourage parents to put life rings on their children’s arms. Though, I understand that the main concern of parents is the safety of your children. However, children will get the first impression that at every swimming lesson a life jacket must be tied around the arm in order to swim. Thus, it can be an obstacle for children to further swimming development. I’ve had cases where children refused to take off their life rings even when their parents had persuaded them to take them off.


This thermal suit is what I would encourage kids to wear. This is their first visit to water and adaptation to their body temperature is a challenge. The last thing children don’t want to experience is the cold water that makes them tremble. Kids will really want to go to the pool and seek their warmth. By wearing thermal clothing, they provide a warm and comfortable environment so they can enjoy the water without any worries.

Creating a Fun Environment

It was the children’s first time to the pool. So everything will seem foreign to him. Either the kids will be excited to go to the pool or will be too nervous to enter the pool. Give your child time to adjust. Take your child’s hand and slowly guide them into the pool. Start playing with your children. Usually, it is best to take a walk around the pool with the children, letting them feel comfortable. Give the child encouragement. Clap every time the children do something. It will give them confidence.

In addition, occasionally spray water on their heads. This will give them a watery feel. Ask them to spray water on you too. If your kids are getting more and more confident as they move through the water, have them gradually run around the pool. Play around with them. The main idea is to let the kids have fun in the water. It will also create a bond with your children. Next up, competition. Children love competition. By racing, it will increase their water confidence. Toys are also a useful material for children to have fun. Remember the main goal is for kids to have fun.

The above points are very important for their first visit to the pool. Additional ideas by parents can be implemented according to the individual needs of your child.

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