2 Facts You Should Know Before Investing In Triathlon Bikes

2 Facts You Should Know Before Investing In Triathlon Bikes

At first glance a triathlon bike looks like a road racing bike, only because the design of this bike is derived from the original road bike. Triathlon racing is not only a test of speed, but also a test of the endurance of the rider’s stamina. The key to choosing a good triathlon bike lies in the aero-bars, otherwise known as the handlebars in layman’s terms. These rods are important because they help the cyclist reduce wind resistance, making it much easier to ride at a higher speed, for a longer duration.

Should You Invest in a Triathlon Bike?

Ask a triathlon cycling professional how much the bike costs, and he or she will assure you that like golf, investing in this sport is definitely not for the poor. However, if you are still unsure whether you should dedicate some money to this fun sport or not, we recommend that you give it a try anyway because any bike can be used in a triathlon. As previously mentioned, road bikes are basically the predecessors of triathlon bicycles. For better performance during races, we recommend you to opt for a mountain bike; especially those that have been equipped with finely threaded tires.

The Most Important Criteria In Choosing A Bike

If you’ve decided to participate in the XTERRA triathlon, be sure to choose a bike that can withstand lake swimming, test rides, and cross-country runs. Triathlons require the rider to pedal long and hard, so do your best to get a bike that is light enough to make the pedaling task less difficult. After all, the last thing you definitely want to do is run out of stamina in the middle of a long distance race. The best way to lighten your bike is to build your bike from lightweight materials. Generally, triathlon bikes made of steel are the heaviest and least comfortable. On the other hand, a triathlon bike made of carbon fiber is one of the lightest and more comfortable than the rest, although it is also the most expensive.

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